Polarion TARA


  • Displays Gantt charts with various Work Item structures using widget parameters
  • Provides option to display Polarion Plans information in Gantt structure
  • Displays and compares Gantt charts on the baseline
  • Provides additional widget displaying work items in rows grouped by field attributes

  • Displays list of work items by applying various grid options using widget parameters
  • Provides rowspans/colspans automation format
  • Provides customizing Grid Services, Widget Parameters, Pages, Scripts, Styles

  • When data is entered into a template file written in Power Point, it is exported as a pptx report.
  • Anyone can easily create a template with MS PowerPoint, and existing documents can be reused as templates.
  • This can be implemented in various formats by supporting not only professional databases, but also Json/Kson and Excel.

  • Accurate BPM solution based on Task/State/Role/Flow