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Features & Options

Compare Design/Image
Compare drawings and images distributed as PDF.

Compares the differences by overlapping two PDF drawings/images. Check changes between two drawings with various convenient functions

Provides the total number of different parts between two drawings and provides the function to move between differences

Provides tool buttons such as language switching, URL sharing, image map, tiled image, comparison information, etc.

Provides the ability to display exactly different parts and display diffs by area

Moving, zooming in/outauto zoom and image map functions

Provides diff thumbnail list in Summary and move to diffrent area

Compare Design/Image
Comparison of PDF drawings/images
Provides various options for various drawings

Provides various options to minimize noise caused by subtle differences or interference between objects when comparing.

Provides various options to change the diff display method

Executes optimized comparison by setting option values ​​and displays results

Provides various options
Compare Text

Compares text between documents such as requirements or specifications.

Shows the deleted part compared to the document on the right

Shows the added part compared to the document on the left

Provides bookmarks for different parts between the two documents and scrolls to that location when clicked

Provides function buttons such as language switching, scroll synchronization, etc.

Provides summary as a list of different parts

Compare Text
PDF Text Comparison
Provides various configurations, extended development environment, and API for construction in various environments

Application (WAS) settings options

Site-specific separation and setup options

Internationalization/Localization Language Extension

System extension development environment (Event Handlers, Site SSO, etc.)


Rapid custom development

Extendable / Versatile / Flexible
Best Practice

Automation comparison example

Automatic comparison service is called periodically.

Automatically extracts the comparison target and checks the Teamcenter download URL for the current version and previous versions.

Downloads files of both drawings to NAS (for circuit drawings, access NAS directly).

Calls Soften PDF's comparison request RESTful API, including location information of the downloaded file.

Compares two drawings and save the resulting files to the NAS

Returns the comparison result ID.

Saves the comparison result meta information in PLM DB.

Provides a link to the Soften PDF comparison result page on the drawing information page.

Best Practice
Automation comparison example

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